Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pollyanna Blackbird Kids Music & Dance Class at Jalopy!

Pollyanna Blackbird Kids Music & Dance Class
Taught by Hilary Hawke
Monday, 9/28/09 @ Jalopy
4-6pm, $25

Join Hilary Hawke, local children educator and banjo aficionado for a class where kids will learn songs from the old time and bluegrass tradition. They will learn the clapping, tapping, and singing, as well as the stories behind these classic songs. Then, the kids will put on their dancing shoes and learn the steps that go with these songs, and then they will have a full-fledged dance!

Please call Jalopy to register at 718-395-3214

More details at Jalopy here

Check out Hilary Hawke's myspace here

Image above from Hilary Hawke myspace


Kids Music said...

Thanks for the good info...very good blog site.

roganomics said...

My kid loved it! Really great to hear the banjo and guitar played together like that. Old tunes that the kids really love!...but, I think this class is best for 5 year olds and up. Probably even good if you have an older sibling that wants to join in! We brought two kids and they gave us a discount on the admission.