Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 11 to August 16: BWAC's Summer Pier Show

Art in Changing Perspectives: BWAC's Summer Pier Show
July 11 - August 16
Weekends 1-6 PM - Free Admission

Photograph by Joergen Geerds

BWAC opens the 19th century iron gates of its historic Red Hook waterfront gallery on July 11th to exhibit 800+ new works in every medium, many that interpret and reveal the world in novel and experimental ways.

Among the 220+ artists represented, four very talented artists are featured. Known for her bold use of materials, masterful brushwork, and broad range of style and subject, Audrey Anastasi's paintings capture the soul and essence of their subjects. In keeping with the show's theme, Joseph Anastasi (Audrey's husband) debuts his dramatic, grand scale presentation of photographic images, which definitely offer an altered perspective. David DiPasquale will be exhibiting his seven painting series titled, The Octave Cycle, based on the concept of the celestial octave or the "music of the spheres". And though you have seen a thousand photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge, Arden Suydam's photographs and perspective are truly unique.

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