Monday, July 6, 2009

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"A Wagonful of Provisions for the Post-Apocalypse Homestead."


Disaster Kit is a conceptual project of California-based artist Trevor Babb, who builds custom crates, carts, boxes and complex luggage out of salvaged wood, metal, leather and rope to hold his ever-growing collection of useful old-world objects. Babb's casework, curios and sculptures tell a story about provisioning for basic needs like water, food, heat, light, shelter, defense, transport and communication in the event of disaster. Taking materials, objects and cues from the 19th and early-20th century, Babb conjures a past life with the tools for starting a new one. First presented in June 2009 as an installation at WORK, an experimental art gallery adjacent to the Red Hook shipyards in Brooklyn, Disaster Kit will be re-imagined at Space 414, an old storefront turned gallery further down Van Brunt Street, Red Hook's main artery. An open-house reception, with demonstrations by the artist, refreshments and kits for sale, begins at 7:00 pm on Friday 10 July.

Trevor Babb was raised in Manila during the political upheavals of 1980s Philippines. As a teen, he acquired survival skills traveling through the Amazon, Indochina, the Andes and the backwoods of California. During the 1999 Serbian invasion of Kosovo, he helped build a refugee camp for ethnic-Albanians in Macedonia. His contributions were to map the camp's site and plan expansions, contract fresh food deliveries, drive the ambulance and outfit a tent for expecting and nursing mothers. During the Bush years, he did strategy and communications for political campaigns in San Francisco and helped start a biotechnology company that is developing new science for fighting disease. He now works in a 100 year-old barn at a guest ranch above the vineyards of northern Sonoma County.

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