Friday, May 1, 2009

Monday night at the Jalopy: Ursa Minor and Micro Titans

This coming Monday night, the Jalopy is having 2 local bands: both band leaders and all the musicians but one live in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Truly a local gang!

So here are the details:

May 4th @ Jalopy
Micro Titans will play at 9. Ursa Minor at 10.

Don¹t you ever wonder what Led Zeppelin would be like
without that awful singer?
How About AC/DC with Bob Mould on guitar, or Dick
Dale doing a session with KISS in Genesis castle in Scotland?
Briggan Krauss - Guitar (Sex Mob, Pig Pen, Medeski Martin and Wood)
Laura Cromwell - Drums (Growing Up Skipper, God is My Co-Pilot, The Vivian Sisters, Queen Moonracer)
John Mettam - Bass (Bassoon, Cocktail Angst, EZ Pour Spout, Chum)

Michelle Casillas (vocals, gtr), Rob Jost (bass, vocals), Robert DiPietro (drums, vocals), & special guest Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)
Fronted and founded by singer-songwriter Michelle Casillas, Ursa Minor has become a mainstay in NYC’s indie rock scene. The band delivers a timeless mix of vocal driven pop/rock with a primal rhythmic undercurrent; sharp and urban yet broad and free.
Ursa Minor’s debut LP “Silent Moving Picture” was released by Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, on Smells like Records; a small Hoboken label known both for championing new artists (like Cat Power and Blonde Redhead), and for releasing comprehensive series of works by Lee Hazelwood, and Sonic Youth.
Since then, Michelle has swapped her electric piano for guitar, and her songs have a new snap in them. Her singing is startling and sexy; effortlessly rhythmic, with soulful vulnerability and a bold attitude. Bandmates Rob Jost(bass) and Robert DiPietro(drums) are her musical family and equally create the sound. They also contribute songs of great depth and strength, and sing harmony. Monday night, special guest Jonathan Goldberger will join the core trio on electric guitar.
Time Out New York
Ursa Minor is where the low-light songs of Michelle Casillas stand in sharp relief against classic pop arrangements. The group’s album Silent Moving Picture is one we keep coming back to, finding something new each time.
Village Voice
Ursa Minor put a purplish Fender Rhodes bruise on storm cloud through picture window singer-songwriting ritual.
All Music Guide
Sultry singer/songwriter Michelle Casillas' band, Ursa Minor, blurs the line between folk, jazz, and experimental music with haunting, spare, even cinematic songs. "Silent Moving Picture" is an album that spotlights an amazing voice, but the delicate instrumentation is equally as moving.


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Rafi said...

I am really looking forward to this show! We are really lucky to live in a neighborhood with SO MANY outstanding musicians.