Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brooklyn Women's Rugby team is having a "Rugby in Prom Dress" event!

Prom Dress Rugby
Corsages are optional)

The event takes place May 23, 2009 on Field 3 in Red Hook Park, at 11:00am.
Prom dress Rugby is simply that: for the sheer hilarity of it, players repurpose a prom dress, usually the ugliest one they can find, as a rugby uniform. By the end of the match the dress is a mess, but a good time has been had by all. It’s the catfight that you always wished would happen at your own prom, but never did.

The field is located across from the intersection of Bay Street and Hicks Street in Red Hook, right by the Ikea. Nearest subways are Borough Hall (2/3/4/5/M/R trains), Jay St (A/C/F trains, joined with Borough Hall even though not on map), Smith & 9th Street (F/G trains), and 4th Ave (F/M/R trains).

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