Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye Mucho Gusto, Hello Iro Sushi

Last week we were walking past Mucho Gusto late at night and thought "it looks like they're doing renovations!"

It turned out that they were actually closed for good, and the new restaurant to take its place, Iro Sushi, was setting up shop.

They opened up today (what a quick turnaround!) so go check them out and welcome them to the neighborhood.

We're sad to see another restaurant closing in the area, but at least there was a quick opening in its place.


Sally said...

Yum! SO GOOD! My husband and I went there last night and their Sushi is incredible. I live in Brooklyn Heights and will make every effort to get to Iro whenever I am craving sushi.

Michael & Alexander said...

I live arond the corner from the restaurant and ordered dinner recently. My friend and I were amazed at the quality and price of the fish. She and her husband now come from Battery Park City to eat at Iro Sushi. It is worth the effort!