Wednesday, March 3, 2010

5 Burro Cafe coming to Pit Stop space

Alternate post title: Petanque exchanges pastis for margaritas as the drink of choice

A while back we reported that a Mexican restaurant would be moving into the Pit Stop space, which has now been confirmed by New York Magazine's Grub St. blog. NY Mag reports the good news that it won't be just any Mexican joint, but will in fact be a satellite location for 5 Burro Cafe, a very popular Mexican restaurant in Queens.

The article says that the 5 Burro owners plan to keep the petanque courts, possibly expand the outdoor space, and will offer many of the same items as the Queens location, as well as some items unique to the Brooklyn location.

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Image of Pit Stop backyard from NY Mag


Andrea V. said...

I can't really get enough Mexican and Tex-Mex food so another one in the neighborhood is fine with me!

Anonymous said...

The loss of Pit Stop is devastating. One of the few truly unique places left in NYC. This Mexican place has some big shoes to fill. One positive that can come of this is if they truly do intend to keep the petanque courts.