Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red's Tapas Bar closed / Pit Stop to become Mexican Restaurant

Red's Tapas Bar closed
I spoke to Rishi, the owner of Red's Tapas bar, briefly tonight and he confirmed that the restaurant is now closed for good. He will continue to run his catering busines out of a kitchen on Commerce St. in Red Hook, so we will be posting details about that soon. This is another big loss for the neighborhood. Even though the restaurant was only open about a year and a half, it was great food, a great space, and an important piece in the diverse selection of food in the neighborhood. No word yet on what will become of the space

Pit Stop to become Mexican Restaurant
We received an email from Laurent, the former owner of Pit Stop, and he has confirmed that the new owner of the space will be opening a Mexican restaurant. It will probably take some time for this to open, as they plan to do a lot of renovations. This will be the third Mexican related restaurant directly in the Columbia St. waterfront, joining the likes of Alma and Calexico. It will be interesting to see what they bring to the table that differs from the others - and how they utilize that great backyard space.


Anonymous said...

Another Mexican is a poor chice for Columbia Street.

Anonymous said...

It really is getting back on Columbia St. For the past few months it seems that all of the restaurants are mostly empty every night. There really needs to be a new strong restaurant or 2 to bring people back to area. Red Apple on Union has a great spot and they are the worst place in the area...too bad they dont go under so someone with a good concept can take that corner.

I also think that converting some industrial spots between van brunt/ columbia into restaurants/ lounges would fare well. And last but not least...somebody please take the Lido Bar space and reopen a nice bar

Anonymous said...

Oopps...i meant to say: It really is getting BAD on Columbia St.