Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now playing at the movie theater on Columbia St......

We heard from some long-time locals that there used to be a movie theater on Columbia St. in that empty lot next to what is now the Human Compass Garden (near Sackett St.). This picture from the New York Public library, dated 8/10/34, confirms it.

On this particular date, you could have seen Rusty Rides Alone, which has the following (non-sensical?) synopsis according to IMDB:

Bart Quillan and his sons are after Martin's ranch. Burke arrives to help Martin but being outnumbered he hopes to get help from Powers. But no one is sure which side Powers and his gang are on.

Its a real shame that this theater no longer exists, but at least we still have a fairly close option with Cobble Hill cinemas.

(Image above from Moviegoods.com)

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Patrick said...

Crazy thing is that it says its open air. Was there never a roof on that space. 20 degrees cooler inside, open air. There are pictures on brooklynpix.com where Columbia Street meets Hamilton from the early 1900's and its crazy how built up it was back then