Monday, December 8, 2008

A Hole in a Fence

Tomorrow (12/9/08) marks the DVD release of a documentary called " A Hole in a Fence," which is all about Red Hook. I haven't yet seen the movie, but i've read good reviews, and have added it to the top placement of my netflix list. Hopefully i'll get it this week!

Here is the description from the film's website:

Chronicling the changing fortunes of a unique abandoned lot in Red Hook, Brooklyn, A Hole in a Fence explores the complicated issues of development, class and identity facing the city's most populous borough.

It's the story of a vanished homeless community and the young architect who documented it; of a real urban farm run by local kids amidst a landscape of industrial decay; of young graffiti writers losing their stomping grounds; of the arrival of a controversial Ikea megastore; of a photographer's vision of nature's renewal; of the doomed struggle to save a rare part of the neighborhood's working waterfront; and of a filmmaker's discovery of a fleeting, hidden world on the other side of a rusty old fence.

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