Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 was a hit!

The NYPost reported today that the temporary run of Pier 1 at the future site of Brooklyn Bridge Park was a real success. I have to say that I went there once this summer and loved it. If the rest of the park will of similar quality, Broolynites will be in for a real treat. I can't wait!

From the article:

A small temporary park that offered a preview of one of the state's most highly contested projects – the Brooklyn Bridge Park -- was a surprise summer hit with 192,675 people visiting from around the world.

The 26,000-square-foot park at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Heights saw visitors from 440 different ZIP codes during a 13-week run that ended Sunday to make way for construction of the larger, 85-acre park project, according to data released yesterday.

The temporary park was a major draw for out-of-towners with 79 percent coming from outside the immediate area of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and DUMBO.

In fact, 25 percent of all visitors came from 52 different countries, and another 17 percent came from outside New York City.

"I think this will put an end to debate that Brooklyn Bridge Park is nothing but a fancy back yard for the rich," said Mariana Koval, president of the waterfront park's conservancy.

Koval was referring to criticism of a feature of the park plan - luxury high-rise condos to be built in the park to offset maintenance costs.

The temporary park featured a massive sandbox, sprinklers and games for children, wine and beer, food and spectacular New York Harbor views -- including the temporary waterfalls display.

Entire article here.

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