Monday, September 29, 2008

Running Behind Schedule......

With new busy fall schedules and photo outings where camera batteries ended up being dead, we're running a little behind schedule lately. Luckily, the internet keeps moving. Here are some articles and blog postings about things that we meant to cover (oops!):

House of Pizza is Back!
The house of pizza on Union St. is back and looking better than ever after a couple weeks of renovation. Lost City (who seems to live in the neighborhood....) captured some pictures and observations. I'm sure the pizza is still as tasty as ever!

Trader Joes is open!
A few years back, so many Brooklyn neighborhoods suffered from a lack of grocery stores. Now grocery options just keep on coming. Luckily for us, Trader Joes offers something slightly different than other local favorites like Fairway and the Met. Unfortunately that means possibly making 3 grocery runs to get everything you want. Brooklyn Paper covers the opening here.

Not Just BJs, but a whole mall?
I was a little sad when I initially heard about plans for a BJs to open up in Red Hook. I was even sadder when I heard that it would be part of an entire mall. Brownstoner reports here and Brooklyn paper reports here.

Additional Waterfront District Festival coverage
While we did cover this particular item a while back, I did happen to run across someone else's take here.

More to come later....................................

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Andrea V. said...

House of Pizza IS just as tasty as ever, and the place looks really nice. I especially like how they had the sign painted on the brick facade. It looks like old Brooklyn.