Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bastille Day in Brooklyn? A real Success!

Who knew that so many people were ready to celebrate France's national day, le 14 juillet, commemorating when the Bastille prison was taken down, and noble heads began to fall! Or maybe what really motivated them was the bottomless Ricard, the delicious French food, the skate park, French girls, the live bands, the foosball and the 80 pétanque teams of 3 competing this past Sunday.

Whatever the reasons, the streets were crowded (it was impossible for us to navigate with our stroller). Smith street actually had 2 celebrations: the biggest one on Smith between Pacific and Bergen, and another sponsored by the restaurant Provence en Boîte on Degraw. The second one was a little more mellow, but was using a typically French technique, which left my American husband, and many others, perplexed: tickets.
Indeed, where I come from in order to avoid excessive money handling, most fairs have a ticket system. You purchase a number of tickets of different colors each worth something different, and use them to buy food and drinks. But it seems I have been in the States for too long already, as we stood in the drink line for 15 minutes thinking it was the ticket line.

Anyway, we had a good time, and brought the party home with some friends and some rosé.

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