Friday, July 11, 2008

Ballfields are better late than never.......

Back in March or so, many fans of the Red Hook Ballfields vendors, including myself, got very excited to hear that they had been approved to come back for the summer. That excitement slowly dwindled away with each week passing and no sign of them in the park. After all, the summer is almost half over (its already mid July?!?!) and they still aren't open.

The excitement finally returns today as there are internet whispers that they will be opening up on the 19th of July!

Finally we can all get our fix of huaraches, pupusas, grilled corn, tamarind juice, and more. The food is amazing and now you can get there via Ikea shuttle and water taxi if you don't live in the area. Swedish meatballs are ok, but nothing can beat the ballfield food.

(Image above from David Byrne)

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