Monday, October 14, 2013

Rhombus Space -- New Gallery in Red Hook

183 Lorraine Street
3rd Floor of the Art Spaces/Studio Complex
Red Hook
Jessica Campbell, YEAH NO TOTALLY, 

varying materials and size, 2012/2013
Poetry Slam exhibit (closed)

Ann Stewart, Tethering Corollaries II,
etching and aquatint on paper, 18 x 24"
Fine Lines exhibit (open Oct. 18)
Samuel Jablon, Poet Sculpture, variable 

dimensions, enamel on plywood, 2013
Poetry Slam exhibit (closed)
Katerina Lanfranco -- artist, curator and founder of Rhombus Space, in Red Hook -- is excited to be able to showcase and promote the work of artists whom she sees as truly contributing to the contemporary art dialogue. She opened Rhombus Space on September 20th of this year, and just wrapped up the space's first show, Poetry Slam, which closed Sunday, October 13. The show explored four artists' use of text in their visual art, and pieces included paintings, drawings, sculpture, installation and video. Featured artists were: damali abrams (lower case intentional), Jessica Campbell, Samuel Jablon, and Mwamba-Salim Wilson.

Lanfranco says that what gives Rhombus Space it's strength is "the dialogue that emerges from the grouping in each show", and invites people to not only focus on the individual artists and works, but on how they interact, how they compliment and inform each other.

Rhombus Space's forthcoming show, Fine Lines, is slated to open October 18, and aims to carry patrons "between familiar form and elegant abstraction" by exploring line as the primary artistic element and building block of the works shown. Featured artists will be Helen Dennis, Nils Folke Anderson, Jason Peters, and Ann Stewart, each of whom utilizes architectonic design and architectural references in their work, with the aim to bring the world of line and shape that is all around us into new and unexpected perspectives. Works will range from painting, drawing and printmaking to photography and sculpture.

Lanfranco is also hugely pleased to announce that the gallery will be participating in the Gowanus Open Studios event this weekend. The event is free, and will be open October 19 and 20, 12-5pm. Many of the other spaces and studios in the 183 Lorraine Street complex will be opening their doors for the event, so bring some snacks, some friends, yourself (or any combination thereof!) and enjoy some great hours of art absorption.

A few more teasers from Fine Lines:

Nils Anderson, Untitled, Acrylic on canvas, 7"x21"

Nils Anderson,Bench, Painted wood, 17"x13"x48"
Helen Dennis, Grand Central, NYC, photographic drawing, 40 x 48"

Jason Peters, untitled, silver ink on black paper, 11 by 11 by 16.5

Poetry Slam (closed)
September 20 -- October 13, 2013 
More information about this show and the artists can be found at:

Fine Lines
October 18 -- November 17, 2013
Reception: Friday October 18
6:00-8:00 PM
More information about this show and the artists can be found at:

Gowanus Open Studios
October 19 -- 20, 1013
12:00-- 5:00 PM
More information about this event can be found at:

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