Monday, July 23, 2012

Help bring back the Union Street B71 bus!

A message from Assemblywoman Joan Millman is below. She will testify at Wednesday night's MTA hearing, so sign this petition by Tuesday evening to get your voice heard.

Dear supporters of the B71 bus,

Thank you for signing my petition to bring back the B71/Union Street bus- a crucial cross-borough link for workers, seniors, students and all community members.

In just a few days we've collected more than 800 signatures online and in person. The deadline for collecting signatures is Tuesday night just before the Wednesday MTA hearing where I am going to testify. I want to present the MTA with many more signatures to really show how important this bus was to the community.
Will you help by passing this link on to anyone you know who wants to bring back the B71?

And when you have a moment - actually, 54 seconds, take a look at this video where resident Nino Pantano talks about what the loss of the B71 meant to him and his family - I think he sums up charmingly what so many people are saying:

Thank you very much for your advocacy and help,

Assemblywoman Joan Millman

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