Sunday, April 1, 2012

Columbia Street Post Office Reincarnated

Photo by _tar0_
Good news and bad news about our little post office at 257 Columbia Street. Despite public outcry and a petition with thousands of signatures, our little contracted postal center with the USPS was forced to close after 17 years of operation by Rita Faraone. However, Rita has reopened as a private postal center called Columbia Waterfront Postal Center. The opening hours will be extended, and you can mail out packages via USPS, pick up mail, and purchase stamps. The USPS will still visit on a daily basis.  In the future Rita plans to offer money orders, bill payment and function as a copy center. 

Since this is now a private postal center, "these services will come with a small processing fee" said Rita said in a letter posted at the new Center. "We hope that you will continue to support us."

Columbia Waterfront Postal Center will be open Monday - Friday 10:00am-4:00pm and Saturday 12:00noon-4:00pm. 


drew nichols said...

What would be super useful is if they allowed everyone in the neighborhood to ship their Amazon packages there and then stayed open until we got home from work.

Todd said...

It would be nice if they took credit cards also. That's the only reason I can't use them. I have to charge all of my biz mailing to a business card. Oh well.

Paul Sternglass said...

I think it is great that Rita has started this business, I think that she will do well! It would be great if she could open early, like 7:30 or 8:00 for those of us who work, and if she could take credit cards. Saturday hours will be popular too.

Good luck Rita, you have my business!