Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Screening events coming to Jalopy

ExScEX (Expanded Screening Experience) events will include the projection of a film plus a short, live music, or an activist presentation, or a panel. Each event will have a theme: activism, fashion, or music. 

Two events are coming up at our own Jalopy Theater on March 20 and April 24. The film Vodka Rocks! will have its Kickstarter Premiere at  in Brooklyn on March 20, 7:45. Free to Kickstarter donors and crew & cast,  the screening will be accompanied by a performance by G.R.A.S.S., the ska and reggae band featuring on sax Michael Blake who wrote the score for Vodka Rocks!, a vodka tasting, Twitter competition, and Q&A with director John Rubino, DP James Callanan, Music Composer Michael Blake. 

Jalopy, 315 Columbia St
Tuesday March 20 at 8pm. $10 

The second event's theme is "actitainment." It will look into the expansion of a movement which joins entertainment with performance: adbusters, Yes Men, Reverend Billy, etc. There will be a panel discussion, a band, and a screening. Plus Twitter competition & vodka tasting! April 24, 8pm, also at Jalopy. 

Reverend Billy is a hero of mine (neighborlujah!) so I'll be sure not to miss that one.

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