Sunday, August 28, 2011

Columbia Waterfront District After Irene

Minor flooding at Van Brunt and Union St
I took the dog out at 10:00am when he couldn't wait any longer. We walked up and down Columbia and Van Brunt and I didn't see any trees down or any damage or debris except for leaves and small branches. This large puddle on Van Brunt St and Union St was the worst of the flooding that I saw in the District. There must be some basement flooding close to the water, though, because I saw one basement flood through its open door and another basement getting water pumped out.

I didn't see any businesses open. If you see a local business open today, post in the comments. 

Glad our neighborhood was not too badly damaged. I hear that there is some bad flooding on Imlay Street in Red Hook and other neighborhoods.

Now the wind is picking up and the sun is coming out. What a crazy weekend.

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