Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ikea's bus troubles

Two articles related to Ikea and buses made it into today's Daily's news:

1) One article, found here, reports that Ikea's free bus service has received over 50 violations, including everything from broken taillights to unlicensed drivers. This won't do much to help the already negative perception the buses have in the area for going down Columbia St. too fast or not taking the backstreets that they are supposed to.

2) Local Red Hook bus company Trans Express is upset over not getting a contract to provide shuttle bus service for the store - especially given that Ikea made promises to "hire locally" when they opened. Read that article here.

For the most successful Ikea in America, that sure is a lot of complaints!

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Lisa Chamberlain said...

Just a note on the "most successful" IKEA store thing -- it's totally unsubstantiated and probably not true. It was clearly boosterism on the part of Marty Markowitz to pump up Joe Sitt's plans for a mega-mall on the Red Hook waterfront. It was pretty irresponsible of The Brooklyn Paper to print that as if it were true and verified, particularly on the front page. But I guess that's what happens when you get bought by Murdock!