Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beautification of Construction Sites

This is coming a little late, but I love that we have local artists like Jay Crider taking the time to beautify so many of the neighborhood's construction sites with art. It can make ugly wood paneling and scaffolding into something that's actually really nice to look at.

Unfortunately, given the lateness of this post, I actually missed my opportunity to get pictures of some of the other ones that were up around the neighborhood (i.e. the one at House of Pizza).
Is this also Jay Crider?
Jay Crider also did this piece outside of the Red Tin Shack on Union St.


jay said...

i glad to see that somebody took a photo to post.. i want to paint, anything, i have come along way from my family and friends, if you know anyone that needs art. jaycrider@gmail. thanks so much for this support,, you;ve made my days.j

Knomad said...

And thanks to you for bringing so much great art to the streets of our neighborhood! Keep it going, and we'll keep snapping pictures.

Also, lets do an interview sometime.