Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inside Look: Brooklyn Waterfront and the Mary Whalen

While digging around on the internet today, I came across this footage that was taken during an Open House NY tour in 2006 in which the public was allowed tour the Brooklyn Marine terminals and the Mary Whalen ship (seen below).

In light of the recent decision to renew American Stevedoring's lease of the container port for 10 more years, this rare opportunity for people to get a glimpse into what lies behind the gates at the waterfront is important.

While I'm happy for the container port's victory, as well as the jobs and historical industry that it preserves, I also hope that events like this will continue to occur in the future and that American Stevedoring will continue to sponsor projects like the Urban Meadow on Van Brunt St., as the best thing for everyone is a good relationship and interaction between the terminals and the community.

Also, be sure to check out Portside NY, the group responsible for the Mary Whalen, and the work and events they do in the area. For example, they are sponsoring a Kayak Valet day on June 7th so that NYC Kayakers can leave their boats and walk around the neigborhood for the Red Hook arts festival.

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