Friday, November 13, 2009

Urban Farm Conference from MAS

The Municipal Art Society recently hosted a conference called "Designing Urban Farms to Feed Our City," and they now have a podcast (here) and slideshow (embedded below) related to it up on their site, which describes the event as follows:
Representing a variety of perspectives on sustainable agriculture, architecture and planning, and touching on issues as diverse as zoning, organic farming, national agricultural policy, and climate change, the panelists addressed the question: Can New York, a city with a growing population and shrinking acreage, eventually grow enough food within its boundaries to become self-sufficient?
Our own local Red Hook Community Farm, run by Added Value, was mentioned in the discussion, which shows how this neighborhood is on the forefront of a growing trend! Considering that this area has not only the farm, but a number of community gardens and backyards, its interesting to think about the future of urban farming in NYC.

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