Monday, September 29, 2008

Running Behind Schedule......

With new busy fall schedules and photo outings where camera batteries ended up being dead, we're running a little behind schedule lately. Luckily, the internet keeps moving. Here are some articles and blog postings about things that we meant to cover (oops!):

House of Pizza is Back!
The house of pizza on Union St. is back and looking better than ever after a couple weeks of renovation. Lost City (who seems to live in the neighborhood....) captured some pictures and observations. I'm sure the pizza is still as tasty as ever!

Trader Joes is open!
A few years back, so many Brooklyn neighborhoods suffered from a lack of grocery stores. Now grocery options just keep on coming. Luckily for us, Trader Joes offers something slightly different than other local favorites like Fairway and the Met. Unfortunately that means possibly making 3 grocery runs to get everything you want. Brooklyn Paper covers the opening here.

Not Just BJs, but a whole mall?
I was a little sad when I initially heard about plans for a BJs to open up in Red Hook. I was even sadder when I heard that it would be part of an entire mall. Brownstoner reports here and Brooklyn paper reports here.

Additional Waterfront District Festival coverage
While we did cover this particular item a while back, I did happen to run across someone else's take here.

More to come later....................................

Contested Streets and Transportation Alternatives

Consider the following:
A) Our area has somewhat limited (or very limited) options for public transportation,
B) We have seen recent successes in projects like the Greenway
C) Our neighborhood is defined by major roadways (i.e. the BQE, the Battery Tunnel, and Atlantic Ave. to name a few)
D) All of Brooklyn seems to be in a battle over the streets
E) The flow of corporate sponsored responses to the lack of public transit (i.e. IKEA Transit) has been reduced this week.

Given this set of circumstances, transportation and alternatives to the traditional means of it are a hot topic for almost everyone around here. That being said, the following should be an interesting event for everyone:

The New York Transit Museum Presents a Screening and Discussion with Transportation Alternative’s Paul Steely White

Thursday, 10/02/2008, 6:00–7:30pm

Location: New York Transit Museum Corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Price: Free
Telephone: 718.694.1600
Contact: New York Transit Museum

On Thursday, October 2 at 6 p.m., the New York Transit Museum will present a screening of the documentary “Contested Streets: Breaking NYC Gridlock,” followed by a discussion led by Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, Paul Steely White. This evening about sustainability and transportation will take place at the Transit Museum’s subway station home in Downtown Brooklyn. It is free to the public. Produced in 2006, “Contested Streets” is as relevant today to the city’s transportation debate, as it was when it was first released. The film recalls the rich diversity of New York City’s street life before the automobile age, and travels to cities around the world where innovative solutions have succeeded in breaking the chokehold of urban traffic. New Yorkers focused on rising oil prices, greenhouse gases, squeezed mass transit budgets and the defeat of Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan will enjoy a lively and thoughtful evening about the balance between urban growth and sustainable, city-friendly transportation.

(image above from

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Red Hook in the news

(image from AM New York)

Below are a couple of links to articles about Red Hook that I've been meaning to post this week:

Virtual Neighborhood Tour
On 9/18/08, AM New York ran an article all about Red Hook which contained some history as well as a listing of restaurants, stores, things to do, and more. Check it out here.


The Real Red Hook Real World?
Also featured in a number of publications this week was talk of a new TV pilot that aired at the New York Television Festival called "Red Hook High." It seems the show aims to be as realistic as possible and actually uses local teens as the main characters - even allowing them to have input in the writing and character development. If its truly done right, I hope a network will pick it up so we, the general public can see it. Here's what the NYTimes and ABC News had to say.

Pictures of the first street fair on Columbia!

Jazz at the Urban Meadow, Brooklyn

An absolute success!
Stay tuned for more...

Friday, September 12, 2008

This weekend in the Columbia Street Waterfront District - Sept 13 and 14

As some of you already know, the First Annual Waterfront District is tomorrow and it promises wonders! Victoria and everyone at the Carroll Gardens Association have been working very hard and here are just a few of the vendors who will be present:
  • Offering amazing food: Mucho Gusto (Spanish), 215 (Napolitan), Alma (Mexican), Mazzat (Middle Eastern), Kotobuki (Japanese), Margaret Palca (Sandwiches), House of Pizza (Pizza, I guess), The Coffee Den (Pastries and coffee), and more.
  • Arts and crafts: Noon Gourfain, Brooklyn General, Main Street Ephemera, Botanica El Phoenix, jewelers from all over Brooklyn, as well as makers of hats, bags and children's dresses.
  • Others: Woofs and Whiskers will be giving away plenty of treats for our pets, and Everyday Athlete will be offering back rubs.
  • Local organizations will also be present, such as the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, the Columbia Waterfront Neighborhood Association, and yours truly, raising funds for the Brooklyn Urban Meadow and the 7th Halloween Bash at Mother Cabrini Park.
Also in the neighborhood 0n 7/13:
  • The Italian Festival at Sacred Hearts Church on Summit between Hicks and Henry.
  • The Carroll street block party.
  • Free Jazz concert at the Urban Meadow on President at Van Brunt.
So you know what to do!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goodbye Beer Shakes, Hello Tacos

After sitting vacant for several months, it looks like the space on Union St. formerly occupied by Schnack (known for its beer shakes, hot dogs, and burgers) is being filled by 3 brothers that are known for their "Gourmet Mexican" street cart in Soho called Calexico.

Calexico, named one of the top 3 NYC food carts in 2006, will now be a restaurant, offering the Columbia Street Waterfront District a cheap but tasty alternative to the other well known Mexican restaurant in the area - Alma (Alma, we love you, but sometimes we need cheap Mexican takeout too).

Just reading their review at New York Mag is making me hungry!

Here's a brief history of the name and concept behind Calexico, according to their website:

In the middle of the California desert, about 2 hours from the coast, you’ll find twin cities straddling the border of California and Mexico. The city on the Mexican side is called Mexicali; the one on the California side is called Calexico.

Everything about the place is a mix of California and Mexico – especially its food. Equal parts Mexican taqueria and American Barbecue Pit, Calexico’s cuisine is down-to-earth and full of flavor, familiar and unique at the same time.

When we came to New York City we were blown away by the food. But for all its great restaurants, we couldn’t find anything that quite matched the flavors of Calexico. So we took it upon ourselves to introduce New York to Calexico style cooking.

We make everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients. We hope you like it.


Jesse, Brian and David Vendley

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Italian Street Festival in Carroll Gardens - Sept 11 to 14

September at the Meadow - Yoga and Jazz!

Free Outdoor Yoga with Katrina Duncan
Mondays, September 8, 15, 22, 29
New time: 6:30pm

Free Jazz at the Meadow
Saturday, September 13
Starts at 2pm
Line up:
2pm Two Sisters: Dave Sewelson (baritone sax), Claire Daley (baritone sax), Dave Hofstra (bass)
3pm Otic Band: Dave Sewelson (baritone sax), Todd Nicholson (bass) and Mike Golub (drums)
4pm Peoples Revolutionary Party - James Keepnews (guitar), Ras Moshe (tenor sax), Tom Chess (tenor sax), Welf Dorr (alto sax), Matt Lavelle (trumpet), Nick Gianni (baritone sax), Ted McEvoy (electric bass), Mike Golub (drums)

And come join us for the Waterfront District Fall Festival
Saturday, September 13 - rain or shine
11am to 6pm
On Columbia street, from Union to Degraw, and on Union from Columbia to Hicks.
Enjoy the international foods, live bands, rides, and crafts.

The Urban Meadow is situated on President street at the corner of Van Brunt, next to Mother Cabrini park.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Annual Waterfront District Fall Festival

We've been brainstorming/fantasizing about the idea of a neighborhood festival for a little while, but while we've been busy dreaming, others have been putting it together!!

Should be a lot of fun, and of course a great chance for the residents and businesses of the neighborhood to come together.

The First Annual Waterfront District Fall festival
Saturday, September 13th, 2008
Columbia St between Union and Degraw AND Union St. between Columbia and Hicks

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free Jazz at the Urban Meadow - Sept 13

Line up:

2pm Two Sisters: Dave Sewelson (baritone sax), Claire Daley (baritone sax), Dave Hofstra (bass)

3pm Otic Band: Dave Sewelson (baritone sax), Todd Nicholson (bass) and Mike Golub (drums)

4pm Peoples Revolutionary Party - James Keepnews (guitar), Ras Moshe (tenor sax), Tom Chess (tenor sax), Welf Dorr (alto sax), Matt Lavelle (trumpet), Nick Gianni (baritone sax), Ted McEvoy (electric bass), Mike Golub (drums)

Bring a picnic, settle down and enjoy!!
Spread the word