Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big changes for the B61 route!

Word has come through Craig Hammerman, through one of our readers:

"After much consideration, NYC Transit has finally agreed to split the
B61 into 2 routes -- one from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn, and one
from Downtown Brooklyn into Long Island City, Queens (which would become

a new B62 route). This move is intended to improve the reliability and
timeliness of the B61 route, particularly as it serves our district.

The change would go into effect in January 2010, assuming it receives
approval of the MTA Board which it is scheduled to come before later
this month. We should be receiving our formal letter from NYC Transit
within the next week."



Anonymous said...

Woot woot...from greenpoint.

Andrea V.J. said...

Fantastic news.

c'รจ montessori said...

Fantastic dearest MTA, fantastic... The L train split is next L/LL

Anonymous said...

Some blog:

"Implementation date is January 2010. This will be presented to the Transit Committee of the MTA on Monday, July 27 at 9:30 a.m. at 347 Madison Avenue, 5th floor conference room."

Any chance we can get this verified so we can show up or send comments to the MTA in support?

Anonymous said...

Why's that good? Doesn't it mean you can no longer get from RH to williamsburg on one bus? Or am I misunderstanding?

Anonymous said...

You're missing the point. Most riders don't travel from RH to Williamsburg on a daily basis, they travel from RH to downtown Brooklyn to catch a train.

Rafi said...

I see the point, but I also vibe with the anonymous author who pointed out that the B61 no longer directly links Red Hook with other outside communities. In a way, it can further isolate residents or at least burden them when traveling THROUGHOUT Brooklyn. I do understand the benefits for the daily commuters. I am sure it was not an easy choice to be made.